About 1800Days

In 2014, a national study released by the Annie E. Casey Foundation reported that Wisconsin had the largest achievement gap between white and black students in the nation. 1800 Days is committed to ending that achievement gap, one child at a time. 1800 Days aims to help end this unacceptable gap for our children by bringing knowledge, resources and support to our children through the individuals, organizations and entities that comprise their communities. We believe parents and caregivers need the full support of our community’s resources in raising their children to reach their full potential and become healthy, educated, successful and happy adults. 1800 Days strives to provide:

  • Milestones and benchmarks to help inform parents and caregivers at each stage of a child’s development
  • Information and resources for health, education, community activities and support for children, as well as for caregivers
  • Suggestions of ways volunteers, donors and others in the community can help reach the goal of ending the achievement gap in Dane County

If you feel inspired to contribute to this solution, but don’t know how, we welcome you to Get Involved.