The Vision

While we agree it takes a village to raise a child, we also understand our current society is no longer that same village. 1800 Days understands we must reinvent the village to support and serve each child in Dane County.

The traditional village consisted of 2-parents, 4-grandparents, 8 great grandparents, dozens of uncles and aunts, and a host of cousins and extended family members.

The new village consists of parents, grandparents, role-models, pastors, teachers, coaches, tutors, social workers, police officers, teachers’ aides, mentors, help groups, volunteers, agencies, organizations and the community.

Our new village, while often temporary, needs to be mobile and fluid as it supports and participates in each child’s education–especially those who are at-risk youths. That is why we established, to extend the reach of the village through a digital platform.

We concede, however, there can be no replacement for the value of having positive relationships within the lives of our children’s day-to-day experiences. So, 1800 Days is taking our mission to the places our children and their parents and caregivers congregate.

School Districts are on the front lines of the fight with the achievement gap. 1800 Days feels they need a grass-roots partner that will get in the fight alongside of them and not as an antagonist. The President and Founder of 1800 Days will personally work with district school boards and Superintendents to create and maintain a bond of trust and cooperation.

Our primary partners are churches and community centers of Dane County. 1800 Days believes these partners have the greatest access to the broadest scope of both minority children and their parents or caregivers. 1800 Days will work directly with these groups by providing them free brochures and posters designed to inspire and inform parents and caregivers on ways they can eliminate the achievement gap, one child at a time.

Young parents and single parents need more than services to engage in the long process of education. 1800 Days realizes that some parents need the unique guidance only one of our “Big Mommas” or other seniors can offer, and is committed to assembling a team of mentors to serve as an additional resource within this new village.

As residents of Dane County, we are fortunate to have access to a wide range of programs, services and other resources. 1800 Days believes these resources should be better promoted and strategically aimed at at-risk youth and their caregivers for the duration of their formative educational process. 1800 Days will offer an ever-expanding list of agencies and healthcare solutions needed by parents.

The goal of eliminating the achievement gap may sound unrealistic to some, but it is possible. 1800 Days is led by a team of believers, collaborators and visionaries, whose common goal is to join hands and encircle this problem until it is healed.

If you would like to get involved in the 1800 Days effort, we welcome you!