2 Years

Two isn’t terrible, especially when you think about all the things your baby can do now! Read the list of actions on the poster to get an idea of the types of things your 2 year-old might be doing and saying. If your baby isn’t doing all of the things listed, stay positive. You may just need a little extra help. We all do sometimes. Your community has a lot of resources available to help you as you help your child learn and grow. Here are just some of the resources we’ve put together to help you. If you think you need something not listed, just contact us. If you child is already doing and saying the things listed, that’s GREAT–but you work isn’t over! Look ahead at the next set of milestones to give you ideas for activities you can focus on moving forward to keep helping your baby grow and learn. Keep following these milestones during your baby’s first 5 years of life and you will help end the achievement gap for your child.

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