Next Steps

If you child is ready for kindergarten–CONGRATULATIONS! You have a lot to celebrate with your child.

Your commitment to your child’s development is an inspiration! It has been the best way to get your child off to a great start and it is also the best way to go on helping them as they continue this journey. Your continued love, nurturing and support will keep the future bright!

As you keep helping your child thrive and succeed, remember the services and resources listed by 1800 Days can continue to be of help as the days and years go by.

What’s next for you?

You can help other children thrive, learn and succeed as your child has, by sharing 1800 Days with friends, family or anyone you know who is caring for a child and could benefit from the information and resources provided here.

Spread the word about 1800 Days!

Please feel free to contact us to share stories of your child’s successes. We love to watch that achievement gap disappear, one child at a time.